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Here's what our clients have to say...

I have a confession to make. I'm a moron. My wife just read that first sentence & said "It's only a confession if people don't already know it." But I digress. I'm a moron & I was raised with less than stellar financial planning role models. I have a lot of bad habits to overcome & until recently, had nobody to help guide me through Financial Rehab & slap me around when I was relapsing. That is, until I met Lindsay Albert. 


Lindsay is, thankfully, not like me. She's a genius. No-nonsense, pragmatic, strategic and talented, she's what I never knew I needed to get my act together. I dumped all my nonsense on here in the sheepish, embarrassed way only an adult who spends like a child could do. She didn't waste time on judging me, she got right to work. She is every bit the professional, helping me to untangle decades worth of bad decisions. She immediately got to work painting a picture of where my finances are & where I needed them to be. She helped me plan a budget and holds me accountable when I inevitably screw up the masterpiece of a budget she so expertly created. Unyielding patience also being an arrow in her quiver of professional weaponry. 


Make no mistake, you will need to put the work in. Lindsay can only do so much but she will, without a doubt, give you the tools and the strategy to make your hopes for clearer financial picture a reality. I adore Lindsay both on a professional and personal level. She is as warm & understanding as she is tough & calculating. The customer service you will get from her practice is nothing short of top notch. Your money, time and effort are well spent & in good hands with Lindsay Albert. 

~Danny A., Easton

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